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Funerals Dove Release

Releasing a white dove at a funeral or a memorial is becoming a popular way of adding an extra touch to the funeral or Memorial service.
People have expressed how comforting it feels to release white doves at a funeral and allows them to say a final farewell, you may want to release white doves on the anniversary in loving memory of your loved one at the family home in Private.
Option 1

One Dove

After the service we will read out a verse then a single white dove displayed in an handcrafted church or heart shaped basket is released either by ourselves or a family member.
A single dove represents the peaceful release and onward journey of the soul of the deceased.
Option 2

Two Dove

Two doves in either a heart shaped basket or a handcrafted church are released as in option 1. Two doves represents the joining of two souls and symbolises the journey of the spirit of the deceased accompanied by their guardian angel or a loved one who has already passed over.

Option 3

Four Dove

Three doves released either by hand or basket as in option 1. Then the fourth dove is released from a cage or by hand crafted church by a family member. Three doves represents Father and the son and the fourth dove, of the spirit of the departed to heaven.
Option 4

Flock of Dove

A flock of doves in a heart shaped basket and one dove in a single cage to be released as in option 1. A flock of doves represents the spirits guardian angels. As they are released they circle above, the single dove representing the spirit of the deceased is then released, joining the other doves.This symbolizes the loved one being guided on their journey home.


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