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Poems to read

We have a wide range of poems to choose from 
to be read out on the day.
Write your own personal Poem 
for your special day.
Funeral Poem :
We are sending this dove to heaven,
with a parcel on it's wings,
be careful when you open it,
because it's full of beautiful things,
Inside are a million kisses,
wrapped up in a million hugs,
to say how much we'll miss you,
and to send you all our love.
we hold you close within our hearts,
and there you will remain,
to walk with us throughout our lives,
until we meet again.
Wedding Poem :
White doves are the symbol of love, hope and peace.
They pair for life and at the end of every day they return to the same home at night.
As (names of couple) release these doves,
We ask you their family and friends,
to witness this very symbolic gesture,
Which heralds the beginning of their new life together.

(names of couples) we wish you love, that like the doves continues to soar,
We wish you peace as you work together to develop a home and we join you in hope for a long and happy marriage.
Dove Handler

Divine wings dove release handlers will as
read out your chosen poem or script.
please feel free to write your own.

We can also read out any poem or verse of your choice.


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