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Divine Dove release
Doves will be displayed at your
 wedding venue for you and your guests.

Our aim for your wedding is to provide you with truly memorable dove release
- Laura.
Option 1

2 X Doves in Display cages

After the service, two pure white doves in beautifully decorated cages, will be waiting for you, where the photos are to be taken. We will announce to all your guests that we are about to release the doves, we then read a poem about the union of souls . The doves are then released by hand from the bride and groom, symbolising the devotion of a newly married couple.
Option 2

2 x Doves in Display cages throughout the ceremony

We arrive before the guests to display two doves in the beautifully decorated cages at the entrance or reception of your ceremony for all your guests to admire as they arrive. After the service the doves are taken outside and released as in option 1. This is the most popular of all our options and adds a beautiful touch to your day. You can also add memorial doves in honor of a loved .
Option 3

2 x Doves

flock of Doves

A beautiful touch to your day, providing a spectacular photo opportunity, as well as adding that amazing WOW factor to your day. Either choose between two doves or a flock of doves to be release from a heart shaped basket after the ceremony, as in all of our options we read a beautiful poem symbolising devotion, love and eternity.
Option 4

Memorial Doves

Is there someone who cannot attend your wedding but who are always in your heart, incorporate them into your day by adding a memorial dove release. We will mention there name along with a beautiful poem, something you will remember forever.


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